Welcome to the Learning Without Borders transnational education (TNE) professional development program. TNE refers to any teaching or learning activity in which the students are in a different country from that in which the main institution providing the education is based. It is, in effect, learning without borders'. This site contains key resources and activities for leadership and for professional development more broadly of staff involved in transnational higher education.

Who is this for?

The website is most suited to higher education staff and program leaders involved in managing or delivering programs or units transnationally or in offshore or partner locations.

How was it developed?

The site was designed by Curtin University and Swinburne University of Technology as part of an ALTC project: Learning without borders: Linking development of transnational leadership roles to international and cross-cultural teaching excellence. It was developed with the provision that it can be customised by other universities to suit the leadership development needs of their own staff.

How can it be used?

The site may be used to support or augment academic staff development programs, by individuals working through modules either independently or at the direction of others, or to be used whenever information is required by TNE leaders in their work. Suggested instructions about how to use specific resources have been included where relevant.


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