There are three self directed Modules that you can work through on this site.

  1. Module A: for TNE Program Directors
  2. Module B: for TNE Unit Coordinators/Team Leaders
  3. Module C: for Teachers in a TNE classroom

Each Module is made up of four key components.

Select the Module that is appropriate for your role within transnational education programmes.

To make best use of the modules, please work through the segment on leadership first.

The design of this Module is based on Gibb's Six Principles of Adult Learning [pdf p75-76]. Although there is structure to the Module, you are not required to work through it in any particular way. You may undertake each activity, which addresses a particular learning outcome, in any order. You may simply want to access the content without completing the activity. If, however, you are undertaking the Module in fulfilment of an external requirement, please follow those instructions.

There is a learning outcome (or goal) for each Key Component of the Module. This briefly describes what you should accomplish if you engage with the activity in full.

There are a number of relevant resources either as documents or links. Do not read these documents unless they are particularly relevant, instead browse and draw from them the information that you need.

There is a narrative, a short story based on the research which has underpinned the content and design of this program. The narrative is a story which illustrates academic leadership in a variety of TNE situations. The story is a composite and does not describe any particular person or institution.

Each narrative has a number of questions which allow you to

If you are completing the Module for fulfilment of an external requirement, please follow those instructions. You may also be required to write or record your responses to the questions and submit them to the accrediting body.

Module A

TNE Program Directors lead and manage TNE programs or courses.
Transnational education directors coordinate and lead programmes. Interested in this role?

Start Module A here.

Link to Module A

Module B

TNE Unit Coordinators lead a team on and off shore.
Unit and subject coordinators lead teaching teams both nationally and internationally. Interested in this role?

Start Module B here.

Link to Module B

Module C

Teachers in a TNE classroom.
If you are teaching in a TNE classroom or are considering becoming a teacher in a TNE classroom, please look at this module.

Start Module C here.

Link to Module C