Module A for TNE Program DirectorsModule A is for TNE Program Directors who lead and manage TNE programs or courses.

You need to complete Module A to gain a better perspective of this position. To make best use of this module, please work through the segment on leadership first.

Module A has four key content components. Click on the component to work through its specific course of study. You may choose to do them all at the same time, or do one today and return another day and start the next module then. Please work your way through all four components at your own pace. Ensure you spend enough time on each component to reflect on its importance to your role as a TNE program director.

  1. Government and Institutional policy and guidelines for transnational programs or education for international students

  2. Institutional policy, regulations and expectations relating to teaching in transnational settings

  3. Institutional policy and regulations for course and unit delivery and assessment, especially relating to TNE

  4. Resources and processes to support staff working in transnational or cross-cultural settings