The following people were instrumental in contributing to this project. Please click on any of the logos at the bottom of the page to visit their website.

Margret Mazzolini

Professor Margaret Mazzolini (Project Leader)
BSc (Hons), PhD, M Online Ed

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Chair, Academic Senate (designate), Swinburne University of Technology

Margaret is currently managing the development of a single, 'harmonised' set of academic policies and quality indicators for Swinburne's TAFE and Higher Education sectors. Previously she led the Curriculum Framework Project, an institutional curriculum renewal process in support of Swinburne's Professional Learning Model, which has included a major 'Internationalisation of the Curriculum' sub-project. Margaret also worked with colleagues in Melbourne and Malaysia in authoring Swinburne's transnational education quality assurance policy and procedure for its Sarawak campus.

Shelly Yeo

Professor Shelley Yeo OAM (Project Co-Leader)
BSc, DipEd, MEd, PhD

Dean, Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Curtin University

Shelley has more than 30 years teaching experience at secondary and tertiary levels. She has developed and conducted staff professional development programs on a variety of topics and coordinated Curtin's Foundations of Learning and Teaching program. She also developed the online, self-directed professional development program, now called Frameworks for Internationalisation. Shelley Yeo played a leading role in the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) project Moderation for fair assessment in transnational learning and teaching.

Veronica Goerke

Veronica Goerke
BA, DipEd, M-Ed(Hons)

Manager, Teaching Development , Office of Teaching and Learning, Curtin University

Veronica worked for more than 20 years in the humanities faculty, coordinating and teaching communication skills units to first year students across the university. She co-authored a first year communication skills textbook, in which she wrote a chapter on intercultural communication (at university) and engaged in research into first year students' communication practices. Veronica currently coordinates Curtin's Foundations of Learning and Teaching program; conducts teaching development workshops; manages teaching awards; and conducts curriculum review.

Gillian Lueckenhausen

Gillian Lueckenhausen

Head, Education Quality, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak

Gillian has engaged in research into relationship between academics' educational beliefs and their design and use of computer facilitated learning (2000) and how university teaching changes teachers (2005). She was a member of a Sarawak-based team researching critical thinking skills (2009).

Beena Giridharan

Dr Beena Giridharan
PhD, MA (Lang & Litt), BSc, F.HERDSA, C.I.T

Associate Professor, Dean, Teaching and Learning, Curtin University Sarawak

Beena won the 2006 Carrick Australian Award for University Teaching for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. The awards committee cited Beena for excellence in embedding enthusiasm, passion and self-reflection in learning and teaching in diverse cultural contexts. She also won the Curtin Excellence and Innovation in Teaching Award 2006, which constitutes Curtin University's highest form of recognition for outstanding contribution to the quality of student learning and teaching, and the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia, Inc. (HERDSA) Fellowship Award 2006.


Dr Peter Ling (Project Officer)
BComm, BEd, MEd, PhD

Project Officer, Learing Without Borders, Swinburne University of Technology

Peter was a project leader for the national project Development of Academics and Higher Education Futures, Australian Learning and Teaching Council in conjunction with the Council of Australian Directors of Academic Development (2009). He was Project Leader of the EIP project The Effectiveness of Models of Flexible Provision of Higher Education, Department of Education Training and Youth Affairs (2001). Publications include "From a community of scholars to a company" in K. Fraser (Ed.), Education development and leadership in higher education (2004) and Delivering Digitally: Managing the transition to knowledge media (2002).