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'Learning Without Borders' is an ALTC Leadership project. The project focuses on leadership roles in the conduct of transnational and international education. It involves an investigation of staff experiences, expectations and preferences in areas such as influences on career paths and learning and teaching, as well as the identification of good practice in this area.

The project is geared towards developing recognition and support of leadership roles in transnational education and in internationalisation of curriculum.

Project Report, Handbook and Checklists

Project details

Project personnel

Project deliverables

  1. Models for linking TNE Leadership to teaching excellence
    Key stakeholders are DVCs/PVCs/Associate Deans (L&T) and Directors of Academic Development
  2. Tools for building the capacity of new TNE Leaders: A Resource Website and Handbook to support TNE academic leaders
    Key stakeholders are new TNE leaders/Associate Deans (L&T) and Directors of Academic Development

Literature Review

A review of literature was conducted relating to:


Key research questions

Research methods

The project employed surveys and individual or group interviews relating to the experiences of participants in transnational and international education and the perception of support and development needs of those currently engaged or likely to be engaged in transnational and international education.