This page contains links to additional resources and background reading that will assist anyone involved in Transnational Education (TNE) programs. Please feel free to suggest any other relevant worthwhile sites that could be added here.

The following resource was developed within an ALTC project. It provides an excellent glossary of terms used in transnational education (TNE).

Austrade - Education resources

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Embedding development of intercultural competence in Business Education [PDF 358KB]

Enhancing frameworks for assuring quality in university offshore education programs - University of Western Australia

Finding Common Ground - University of Melbourne

Good Practice in offshore delivery - Includes staffing/professional development issues (Chapter 7) [PDF 3.0 MB]

Ideas and Realities: Investigating Good Practice in the Management of Transnational English Language Programmes for the Higher Education Sector, Katie Dunworth Pages 95 - 107

Internationalising the student experience in Australian tertiary education: Developing criteria and indicators University of Melbourne

Internationalisation at home: enhancing intercultural capabilities of Business and Health teachers, students, and curricula

Oxford Brooks Resources - Internationalisation resource kit

Teaching and Learning an Internationalised Curriculum [PDF 653 KB]

University of South Australia - Assessment Moderation Toolkit

Transnational approaches to teaching and learning in higher education: challenges and possible guiding principles C. Bovill, L. Jordan & N. Watters DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2014.945162

Transnational Teaching Teams an extensive suite of resources for professional development; curriculum development; teaching and learning developed by this OLT funded project.
Resources include: